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Thody Consulting Web Development & Design For Japan

Thody Consulting Web Development & Design For Japan

Quality web development and web design is crucial to having a website which generates the user reaction that you need for your business. A smoother user experience is critical for the success of any site whether it is for business or personal use. Through using quality coding and diligent testing all the kinks must be ironed out in order for the best user experience to be generated. This is especially important with the mobile environment where Agile Pages are required so that sites automatically resize and alter in order to fit different user devices, something which is increasingly needed. With the majority of users in Tokyo and Japan now searching from mobile devices having a properly developed site is ever more critical for your business.

Conventional Or Mobile?

Many companies when coding their website think purely that having a website coded is enough, as long as it can be viewed on a desktop or laptop computer then all is good. The truth is very different. Mobile use dramatically increased in the period from 2010 onwards to the point where a very high percentage of web visits are conducted via mobile devices.

The issue being that on the majority of mobile devices, be they phones or tablets, conventionally coded websites become difficult to view. This lead to the introduction of mobile responsive coding which causes websites to detect the device type being used to view the site and in turn triggers an appropriate format and view for that device. Google also introduced a special part of its programming which ranks according to whether a site incorporates Agile Mobile Pages (AMP) or not, thus bringing a aspect of SEO into the nuts and bolts coding of websites. A fair demonstration of how critical the coding of mobile friendly sites has become.

Google AMP Video

As such even if mobile friendly had been off your list of requirements, or perhaps not even a consideration due to whatever reasons then it most definitely should be on your list. Accordingly you may be very happy to hear that all web development and web design done via Thody Consulting incorporates mobile friendly Agile Mobile Pages within the coding process. So your site will be beautiful and automatically render in the best way for whatever device it is being viewed on.

Creative Flow And Visual Aspects

The creative flow and visual aspects of your site are full taken into account throughout all of the web design work that we do. We will happily aid you to render the most elegant, sophisticated, stunning, natural, simple or whatever style of design you feel be fits your business, product, service or message.

Through our team of graphic designers and coders we can make almost anything happen, and we are happy to come up with creative solutions to bring the dream of your site to life.

Written Content

We recognize that whilst you know your business in a deep and beautiful way that not everyone is able to write about that which they love in stunning and captivating detail. Because of this we have an outstanding team of copywriters ready to work with you in developing the content which portrays your business and your desired message in the best way possible. All of which is done taking into account the various critical on-page SEO factors that will help you to outrank and rise above your competition.

Thody Consulting Web Development Your Best Website Solution In Japan

Through working with Thody Consulting Tokyo you get the very best in web development and web design service for English speakers in Japan. We bring you a stunningly integrated package which we recommend includes the best in search engine optimization techniques so that you and your website can stand out and rise above the rest on the internet.