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About Us

About Us

Thody consulting was founded by Adam Thody in December 2009 to help people gain easy access to quality web development and design and is now located in Tokyo, Japan. Since starting in Japan we have expanded out operations and now cover a wider array of internet based activities. Our core activities are still building websites for businesses and individuals who need them, adding in specialist e-commerce solutions that help them to conduct business online and create much needed growth for them. In addition we help our customers to get found online too through the provision of SEO services.

Adam Thody



Adam is a self taught programmer and web developer. He has personally created in excess of 1000 websites for grateful clients and has a keen ear that helps him to truly understand the requirements of each and every client that comes to Thody Consulting for helping in launching their business online. When not working at the office or at home he enjoys sipping at caffe macchiato's while listening to the classical music of Strauss and Holst and reading whatever inspirational book is hot on Amazon. He also practices yoga and does his best to enjoy a healthy mind and body.

Our Staff

Adam has built up a wonderful small business and has a small but reliable staff to help him over deliver on customer expectations. Our relaxed offices offer staff an informal environment to work, relax and be creative. Often we take students on from various study programs around the state who are looking for an internship that will bring them valuable experience in web development and programming. We feel this is a great thing to do as it helps young people to get a step up in the world, something which Adam feels very strongly about.

Notable Mention

While our core business is web development and design we do help our customers with a certain amount of search engine optimization. We have a reasonable level of experience with this, something which is growing everyday. In order to create even better results though we have developed a special partnering arrangement with R1SEO who are exceptionally skilled and have a very strong reputation for what they do in terms of digital branding and internet marketing. We are very happy to refer customers to them via https://r1seo.com and politely ask them just to mention Thody Consulting in Tokyo when seeking their services.

Things To Be Aware Of

We operate very strict office hours and have a very strict contact policy regarding new business too. Overtime is an exceptional rarity and comes only at times of the direst need, as such be aware that outside of our regular hours we are unreachable. Something which we believe is rather unique for any Japan based business, especially within the Tokyo area.

Working Hours M-F 9AM – 5PM (Except On National Holidays)

For any new business we kindly refer you to the contact form below. Should we have availability with scheduling, and provided we like the idea of your project we will be in contact with you regarding specifics, timings and costs. Should we be too busy or feel we know someone who could fulfil your requirements better we may well pass your details on to such relevant people. We thank you for your understanding in this.

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